So now that I have the most premium of tools, I decided to do what anyone with photoshop does. FILTERS!

At first I wanted something pixelated like tetris, but soon I couldnt get it to work and just went with what I had. Which to me looked like wood, or maybe the inside of a cave with stalactites/stalacmites so I tried to further that.


Then I ended up not getting the effect I wanted so I went back to pixels.


Then I was like eggghhh needs MORE, so I decided enough filters now lets try some brushes and ended up with this, which I actually dont hate.


I imagine it being what blood looks like in a world where everything is square/rectangular/rhombus(ed?)

Tadaaaa! So this is like a timeline of my frustrations and redirection. One day I’ll be able to create what I see in my head, but today…is not that day.

**also didnt notice how small they were, so you will want to zoom in or else they look worse than they are.



  1. the top two almost looked like a fur carpet…like if a caveman was wanting something to keep him warm he might pull up one of those. or wood, it definitely looks like that, i was just trying to give a different perspective. 😉

    i do like pixely ones though! something about pixels makes my pants tight. but they reminded me of when keanu reeves go into the virtual world in the movie johnny mnemonic. if you havent seen that movie you should. cheesy as hell but so good. very cyberpunk.

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