The First Visual String


In my recent time we have had some major science breakthroughs that were represented in the form of some lame photos.  However, these lame images represent so much for humanity.  Some examples such as the first picture of Pluto, something so small and distant.  An image that blew my mind, was one of the first images of an Atom.  This image doesn’t make sense out of context, unless you are a hardcore super scientist of course.  You could have told me this was a close up of a belly button in a 1980’s acid film my dad use to watch.  Well the image of the atom did improve from one image, to articles and information like this.

What will the future bring?

The future will undoubtedly have its moments of amazing feats represented by something the main stream would look at and go “Is that it?”  This is the reason I made this image.  Imagine far into the future where string theory is true in the way quantum mechanics is true today.  You have this mountain of math backed up by a river of experiments and predictions proving its worth within the scientific world.  But when it comes to taking an image of one of its fundamental properties, there seems to be some difficulty.   Until one day, you show a representation we can turn into one of our 5 senses (in the future it will be 7 or more, which we will discuss in a later post).


This blurry image represents so much… that the universe has been solved, and we have something to better understand our understanding of the universe.  This blurry image will mean nothing to the generations that have genetic tattoos or nano-hipsters that feed nanobots their poop so that their sweat can glow.  But to the explorer, the scientist, or the curious…. this will mean so much for them.  This will provide a sense of hope on what the next generation of string photos will look like, or a more complicated string that can represent the beginning of DNA or even a big bang.  I have no idea at this point, but the imagination of the future will shit all over the most creative of today.


P.S. I know the image is crap, it wasn’t the point.

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