The Details : Troll Space Ships

After drawing this, I tried really hard to find a way to include it in my story, and it only works for a deeper story of the trolls.

An Aura of hellish plasma controlled by magnets? Focus to block energy shields?  Then blast to use as an energy weapon?  Keep the plasma blazing hot to destroy and absorb solar system debris and add it to your aura’s strength?  Technologically this is a fun idea, but I can only dream of a real race where they are 3ft tall max, heavy-flat footed, 6 fingered, hammerhead like eyed like bastards.  But I wont go into the depth of their evolution in this post, ill save that.  Today we talk about their space ships!

Troll Space Ship


The trolls sense magnetism like dogs smell, its the primary sense.  This not only is a big part of their evolution and culture, but also their technology.  Their superior history with magnetism leads them to use it as a driving force, and is found within every level of their engineering.  When you are able to control this law of nature at the smallest level, you can use your imagination and match it with the likes of magic.  They use magnetism to simulate artificial gravity on the ships, to use as shields, to focus as a weapon… and yes, as windows that you can fly out of but keep your oxygen in.

Yes, I showed you a Star Wars pic instead of Star Trek… Remember what I said about magic? Well Star Wars is just magic in space.  This is not entirely true, but this image was easier to google search 🙁

Anyways, this technology will be found on every scale of the ship. From personal sized ships, to FLAG SHIP ELITIST WAR COCK, that aura is a standard with all forms of transportation.  (even personal armor, like soldier status).

Thank you for reading this entire post, and if you learned 2 things I hope its the following :

  1. 1. The future of Magnetism working with Plasma is endless, and this is amazing stuff that truley broadens the imagination.
  2. 2. Dont fuck with the Flag Ship NGC-WarCock-E
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