Story Time : Crystal Tower #03

Vale finally had a chance to take in everything in. A pain crept up in his heart as his gaze crossed his fallen comrade. They had become a family in all the time they spent together and this was a terrible loss. He noticed all of the broken crystal pieces scattered all over the room. “Got you bastards!”, he thought as a smirk appeared on his face. Then he came to his remaining companions, everyone seemed to be engulfed in shock.

Gidget the herbalist, slowly pulled out bandages and began to prepare a poultice. While everyone else had their wounds being tended to, Solin the rogue started to scour the room for treasure or any kind of clue that may give them any other information about the tower and what may possibly lie ahead. Being a rogue, he sifted through the pieces of the crystal creatures to see if they had any sort of loot on them but there were only broken shards. Given his chosen profession, Solin’s interest in “shiny” things prompted him to grab some of the shards to sell to the local jeweler. As he started to put a few shards in his pack he noticed a dark glimmer, something deeper in the shards. Upon further inspection it looked as if this was a piece of someone’s face, the countenance inside stared at him in horror.

SCREECH! Solin looked up and saw that Vale and Kol the fighter were using their brute strength to pull aside the giant metal door that blocked the path. Everyone gathered around them as the door exposed the next floor of the tower. Vale had already decided to continue through the tower, his friend will not have perished in vain. With his renewed vigor, Vale rallied the group with an awe-inspiring speech. He will fulfill their dream and become the most famous adventurers in the land.

Solin was the last person in the group to head through the massive doors. Vale’s inspirational words ringing in his head, he took one last look over at Donovan the hunter as if to give him more motivation to be victorious in their coming adventure. He was not prepared however to find that Donovan’s body was gone. The rest of the group was already inside the next room when Solin chose to stay behind and look around some more. He would remain In the shadows, after all they were his home.

He reached the spot Donovan’s body was last seen, then Solin heard the loud screech coming from the door once again. It was not a very bright room but any light was extinguished immediately when the door slammed shut. By now the rest of the group was used to Solin sneaking off on his own, he always came back. As the blackness enveloped him Solin heard soft shuffling noises coming from the walls. “They killed everything in the room, right?”

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