Story Time : Crystal Tower #02

LAST TIME ON THE CRYSTAL TOWER : A group of adventurers have joined in front of a crystal tower of legend and myth, known to be full of treasure and danger. They enter, and find a new set of armor and weapons for everyone and proceed upstairs. A battle ensues and with no luck, as no damage is being done to the crystal enemies.


The unofficial leader of the group Vale was aware of everyone during their fight, he looked at most of these men as brothers. Not everyone was equally experienced in combat, Vale knew who they were and kept a close eye on them.  A loud crashing noise happens in the corner, and a fellow brother is down on the ground. Before Vale could even respond another crash on the other side of the room, another brother on the ground… people are falling and the crystal creatures are still attacking. Vale could not help but feel responsible for leading his fellow warriors into such danger. Then he noticed the people who were knocked out were no longer breathing.

In a fit of rage Vale lost himself for the first time in combat surrounded by friends. He no longer was calm and strategic, he lost all hope and starting swinging and lashing out at the crystals in front of him. Furiously swinging with no effect, Vale screams and puts all his strength into a swipe into the side of the “head” of this thing. The force put into this swing did nothing but make Vale lose grip of this new weapon. With a locked door behind him and hope gone, Vale swings his right fist towards the crystal threats and with one punch chipped a chunk off and it staggered. Without realizing what has happened he continues with his flurry of blows and breaks the crystal into multiple pieces. He gets hit hard in the back and falls, seeing all the rubble in front of him, he takes off his armor off and stands up.  With only a thought, he stands there ready to die as another swing is headed his way.

A moment passed and he felt no pain, and continued punching them. Yelling out to his brothers who have not yet noticed everyone proceeds to drop their weapons and armor, and the pummeling begins. Reminding them of all the bar fighting days, their was a special sort of melody to the fight since everyone was in the same mindset.

With the crystal gear they felt naked in battle, now they are mostly naked with no weapon with their knuckles covered in blood.

Vale promised to himself that he would not let another person die under his watch. Four of them remain.

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