Story Time : Crystal Tower #01

I want to try something new. I will start a story and then someone else will add to it and so on.


“As morning broke they had camp packed up, all were on edge and uneasy. Sleeping in the shadow of the tower made it impossible to get any restful sleep. The massive doors opened with a roar. The adventurers were anxious as they looked through the open doorway into the crystal tower. No matter what village each one of the group was from, they all had stories about the tower. Its sheer size is enough to terrify anyone but the legendary creatures inside would definitely deter even the most experienced traveller. Like most fabled dungeons the allure of treasure kept bringing in the brave and courageous. This particular tower was said to contain pure crystal weapons and armour, stronger than any steel blade you could buy from a blacksmith. This was a good thing because the group of adventurer’s weapons was all but effective now, considering the two large crystal knights guarding the entrance to the tower. It had taken everything they had to defeat the foes including some moderate injuries. After rest though, they all felt adequate enough to go in.


Apparent to even a blind person was the brilliant glow emanating from along the walls. It was all true! Pure crystal weapons and armour hung up on racks filled the walls of the entire floor of the tower. Any sense of despondency felt was immediately swept away. Everyone threw down their old beaten weapons and armour and exchanged it with what was on the racks.


Once they were all fitted with their new equipment they finally noticed a large staircase leading upward to, what was presumably, the second floor. If the first floor of the tower had this kind of treasure imagine what else could be found? Exhilaration took hold and everyone agreed to go further. As they almost ran up the stairs the door at the top of the stairs of wide open. Inside of the room was a very large chest in the center surrounded by several smaller chests. Entranced by the implication of what could be they all ran towards the chests.
SLAM! The doors closed behind them once they were through the threshold. Disturbing noises began to echo off the walls and glistening figures coming at them from previously unnoticed doorways in the back of the room. Upon closer inspection the figures were creatures comprised of crystal as if held together by some kind of magick. The adventurers drew their new weapons and ran towards their foes. CLANG! Their weapons merely bounced off the creatures with no noticeable effect. To make matters worse, the armour they found appeared to do nothing as well. They were all getting attacked as if they were naked!”

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