Some Color, Some Demon

Alright, another day, another doodle.  This doodle originated on a nice glacial mountain at sunset, then for no good reason I decided to put some static/blur demon on it.

StaticSpiderDemonHikingThis doodle actually started with the hair of the demon, followed by the legs that made it spider like, followed by the static noise filter.  So it is nicely named “Static Demon Hiking” which I like the sky, like the colors.   In fact, I should of come up with a story of the kind of creatures that live in the north in our overall story of “The Mute Minstrel”.  If a story comes up, maybe we can re-post the image in a different category.

StaticSpiderDemonHiking02I wasn’t liking the static look 100% so I intentionally tried to draw another demon to go hiking.  I liked that one even less, so I whipped out my handy dandy blur tool.  I have a good history with blur, so I decided to rekindle the love and blur all over this pictures face.  I did the background sky, and the creature itself.  So appropriately this image has been named “Blur Demon Hiking” which is unique and creative if I do ask myself. I also wanted to add red, which turned out nicely.

AbstractSpaceAnd as a bonus doodle, I started off wanting to draw a space ship or something, which only the brightest object kind of looks like one.  The rest are grey doodles on a black background that I had to share.  Imagination helps with this.




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  1. now for a real comment, I love the last pic and when I get motivation im going to make something similar to it, something i was INSPIRED to make. The pics are getting good but methinks its time to upgrade tools. If you want to get the photoshop I got(which does work just fine and is easy as crap)let me know. I’ll either give you the torrent or upload it to my server.

  2. the first image was good but the second one is the shit! it almost looks like a trans-dimensional (4th dimension?) demon coming in and out of the material sphere…really good. and of course the last one almost looks like that “argyle”…no…whats that design that is usually on bandannas that rednecks wear? yeah…that! haha.

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