So I borrowed my brothers wacom tablet.

And I like it! It reminds me of the one single art class I took freshman year of highschool. Below is what I made of it. There are parts I like about it but others I dont and want to fix but my hand hurts and im all sweaty right now, from all that intense drawing. I mostly played with the different brushes, and used the smudge tool a LOT because I am terrible with shading and blending, and that made it way easy. Theres like 12 layers there, but heres the PNG.



I fuckin hate pretzels.

Okay I dont hate them but I sure as shit dont respect them. Come on, salted bread? Get the fuck outta my face with that sodium.

***EDIT*** The more I look at my picture the more I hate it….and this is why I never kept up doing anything art related.


  1. i dont know why you dont like it, its really good! i am SOOOOO bad with colors. im actually going to start reading up on color theory so i can do it better. you seem to have colors down pretty good. the “smudging” you did on the mountains and clouds are quite good. remember, draw what you want to draw. how YOU see the world. it doesnt have to be a photo realistic drawing. it is your drawing, do it however you want to do it.

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