Shaded Scribble – Part 1

It will be easy for me to do this, because I already have a few saved in storage.  It will cause the illusion that I care about putting out doodles daily.  Here is the first one that I have for you, it was all done at Pixlr with the Shaded Pencil tool… which soon became very addictive.

Doodle 01Or maybe its not the Pencil shading tool, but some other tool for the image above.  Anyways, this doodle features (FROM TOP TO BOTTOM) Sun, Clouds, Mountains, a black hill to make the green grass look better, green grass, a fire, and a warrior traveling the land with his obvious Japanese dog.  Not sure if you noticed, but the Sun was also Japanese!  …. ON TO THE NEXT DOODLE IN MY ARCHIVE

Doodle 03This here is the pencil shader, and the magnificent BLUR TOOL! … you can call him BLUR MAN, you know…cause the BM stands for that, and obviously is not the initials for my name….cause that would be stupid.  Notice the muscles on this fine specimen, and the weapon he holds.  The weapon is some sort of, axe on fire… im sure it adds to strength and fire damage, and maybe magic find in the dark.  The creature behind him is left to the imagination, but the blur gives it a good nightmarish look.  The only way to defeat a nightmare is the “FIRE AXE OF HAWKEYE” … or some randomly generated diablo 2 name.  ON TO THE THIRD IMAGE!

Doodle 04


This here is a fat guy in a plagued world trying to hide in a trash can.  I honestly have no idea.  I just really liked the colors with the Gas Mask.  The reason I chose to show you this last is because I wanted it to be the featured image in the icon from the previous page, show it to you full size, and not have it so close to the top where it would seem duplicated.  No other reason.

Later, I have a few more tomorrow that can have a sci-fi-ish look to it.

EDIT : shortly after posting this I found out how to disable the image at the top…  I am happy


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  1. As always your comments are very entertaining haha.

    Picture One: The only thing out of place here is the non Asian looking warrior…unless its like that Tom Cruise movie that no one liked or saw about a white guy being the last samurai. I bet if you went to Japan today you could find “samurais” still existing, that AREN’T crazy white Scientologists but i digest (yes spelled that way on purpose).

    Picture Two: I love how shadowy and mysterious the the background is. My imagination is still trying to work out your creature of the night though haha.

    Picture Three: TRASH CAN! FAVORITE PART! I love how it almost looks like it is made out of fabric. The black, gray and white mixed like that gives it a really cool effect.

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