Shaded Scribble – Part 2

Welcome to my second installment of shit I scribbled with Pixlr’s pencil tools. So lets start this post off with one that was in my archive, much similar to the last post.

SpaceVirusI called this one Space Virus. The reason behind this thinking is because the man on the right is a scribble of the Scientist who studies Disease and Viruses throughout the galaxy. This person also happens to hate humans, but this is another story for another time.  He has enlarged a visual of a virus that he would be working with, and his facial expression is one of defeat.  Is it because he can’t find a cure? or is it because he finally found a virus that is more dangerous than the one that he manufactured himself?  … ok, its the ladder, remember… he hates humans, why cure them?  He must learn something from this tiny biological unit of destruction.  “enhance” “enhance” “enhance” …

shadedscribbleThis next image is 100% scribble.  I have done several “scribbles” just to test pressure, and tools, and features.  But this one I wanted to keep.  It reminds me of a space station in a way.  Also it could be a reading of dimensional folds that are recognizable around said space station.  That sort of technology will only be available in the PicoPunk days when string theory is our bitch and the stories of String Trek are told.  ONCE AGAIN, that is a story for another day.

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