Quantum Doodles

Do you ever wonder what a doodle looks like at the atomic level?  Well as a famous doodler once said   “If you think you understand quantum doodles, you don’t understand quantum doodles” so this next picture is going to shock you.  Scientists have recently taken this photograph with electron microscopes.  This particle is in a “Blur” state, which is rare for a “Scribble Particle” … also I haven’tposted anything and my pictures are about to disappear.

The Quantum Doodle

Honestly I was showing a buddy the different tools available on Pixlr, then we added a quote… and I put it online.  The reason it says garlic pepper is because I recently drew this other drawing on a whiteboard at work… SEE IT BELOW : : : : : :


It started out with a some nice squiggly scribbles, followed by something that looked like a set of eyes. Followed down the neck like an African tribe, then had fingers and toes to match, followed by a dragon-ish tail.  Noticed a hole in his head, so I wrote garlic pepper for no reason in the hope to confuse my co-worker.  I was successful.

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