Psybin Pt 1 “Pretty uneventful”

Here is my attempt at a superhero comic. It started when I went to school for video game art and design, we needed an idea for a video game. I wanted to come up with a unique superhero, because the genre is practically raped to death. What was something not typically found in superhero comics? Drugs! But where do I fit drugs into it and still have a meaningful story? Now I am not one to care about what people say and think but I wanted people to be able to relate to it…and not many people would relate to the hero being a heroin junkie (although the thought did cross my mind). I ended up figuring out what I wanted and here it is. Obviously I am still in the process of writing…and I still need to work on the illustrations (I am honestly nowhere on that part as of yet). And my spelling and grammar may be off but this a rough draft so blow me. Here it is…be gentle…

Mission conversation between Gilbert and Sergent.

Gilbert: Sir…are you positive? I’m sure there is someone more qualified for this mission.
Sgt: Yeah, if i wanted a half ass job. You’re the best engineer we have son. I cant have any fuck ups on this, understand?
[ Gil monologue]: And that’s how it all began. The plan was take all of Earths radioactive material and send it out towards the sun. We didn’t have to take it all the way, just tow it long enough to get it in the right trajectory and to give it a little momentum. Gravity in the vacuum of space would take care of the rest. Out of all the possibilities that ran through my head, none came close to what was about to happen.

On launch pad

Strapped into his seat, the shuttle takes off…

Gil: I hate this!
Todd: Oh Gilbert, you have a better chance of dying using a butter knife than you will during a shuttle launch.
Gil: Shut up Todd!
Todd: You’ll be fine. The worst part is over. Launching from the Unity Space Station wont be near as a frightening
Gil: Damn it, I forgot about that part.

Having departed from Unity Space Station, the ship “Ulixēs” is on a course for the sun with all of the earths radioactive material in tow. Gilbert Goodspeed is in sick bay…

Gil: Over half way through, at least we don’t have to drag it all the way to the sun.
Doctor: I suppose you could look at it that way, but what about all of this? Being one of the few people that are able to leave the planet. I consider it an honor.
Gil: Who knows, a piece of space debris could rip trough our hull. The vacuum would suck all of us into space through a hole the size of a baseball.
Doc: You worry too much Goodspeed, we will be fine. OK, here is your medication.
Gil: Thanks Doc.
Doc: But of course. And hey, Gil, relax OK? Doctors orders.
Gil: Ill try, but I’m not making any promises.

The next day

Gilbert in engineering bay. Running checks on all systems. Taking doctors orders, trying to relax he begins to forget about his worries and starts to zone out…

Gil: (sighs) This isn’t so bad. Pretty uneventful.

Just then a massive solar flare aimed at “Ulixēs” starts causing systems failures all over the ship. Alarms going off…

Gil: Shit! That would happen!
Engineer 1: Sir! The solar flare is creating a cascade effect, our systems are going offline one after the other. Too much too fast.
Engineer 2: Our shields are down! Navigation and propulsion are starting to fail.
Gil: Ok, lets bypass (or reroute) through any unused or unimportant system. We need those back online.

The hydraulics system in charge of towing the radio active material goes haywire. Separating, the carriage slams into the rear end of “Ulixēs”.

Intercom (Captain): Abandon ship! Radiation is reaching critical levels on all decks. Everyone to your assigned escape pods. Unity is already aware of our situation, they are assembling a rescue crew.
Gil: Oh god! I knew it, I knew it!
Engineer 1: Sir, lets get out of here. Otherwise you wont be able to rub it in any ones face!

Sprinting down the hallway, Gil passes Todd running in the opposite direction…

Todd: Where are you going?
Gil: To sick bay, my heart is about to explode. I’m going to get my xanax.
Todd: Sick bay is at the rear of the ship. Its already flooded with radiation. I just came from there, everyone left. We need to leave too.
Gil: I’m claustrophobic, if I’m going to be cramped in an escape pod for a day I’ll need it.
Todd: Fine, I’ll go with you. But lets hurry please, I would like to see my wife and son again.

Todd and Gil shut the door to the escape pod and hit the emergency launch button. Looking back they notice numerous explosions covering the ship…

Swallowing his xanax, Gil slouches down with a sigh of relief.

Todd: (Laughing) Wow, we made it! That’s adventure right there.
Gil: Yeah, an adventure I’d rather not experience again.
Todd: So we just lost a multi-billion dollar ship, at least we are alive.
Gil: Right? And hey, the radioactive waste is no longer a worry. Gravity will slowly pull it towards the sun, mission accomplished.
>Both laugh

Gil starts to get dizzy. Hears strange noises. Starts to convulse…

Todd: Gil?! Gil?! Holy shit man!

Gil goes unconscious…

To be continued…

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    • I’m getting there! Hahaha. I have actually figured out the main nemesis, he won’t come till later. And also another good villian idea too. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about this story. I have some good new ideas I just have to get them down now.

  1. Does this picture have anything to do with the story? If so, what? if not, should we find something to update it with? (just wanted to keep everything in the site smooth.

    • No it doesn’t haha. Only the fact it looks a little psychadelic haha. I’m working on something for this, just don’t know what to do exactly yet. I’m working on drawing human like figures. I’m bad at the hands and feet areas.

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