Psybin Pt 9 “Todd? Here? Since when?”

After arts and crafts time came dinner time then nightly medications and then lights out. Gil had so many experiments he wanted to try so he quickly got into bed so it would hasten the night guards departure.


Gil: (Thinking to Franklyn) I have got so many ideas to try out Franklyn! I am actually excited! For the first time since i have been in this place i am actually excited and happy.

Franklyn: I am really glad to hear that Gil.


Once the last of the night guards left and shut the door behind him Gil sat up in his bed. Sam noticed and immediately sat up in his bed and started talking…


Sam: S…so as i was saying earlier Gabriel, the voices ive been hearing…th…they arent normal.

Gil: Normal?

Sam: i know wh…what youre thinking, im n…nuts. i w…wont argue with you there but these voices arent the usualy voices i hear. s…something is not right here.

Gil: dont worry sam, i will keep an eye out and if i hear anything i will let you know, maybe we can figure this out.


Sam apparently didnt catch on to Gils sarcasm and laid back down to go to sleep. Gil just wanted to be left alone so he could have some fun with Franklyn. wait…fun? sure…maybe he really starting to warm up to the place.


Gil: (Thinking, so he didnt keep anyone else awake) Ok, he is what we are going to try. based on what we learned from art class today im going to stare at something outside the window, a car will be best, and i want you to think back all that you can see and hear. i also want to see how far our link goes. does it have a limit or can we always be linked?

Franklyn: sounds like a plan Gil.


Gil looks outside the window in his room. peering through the bars he could see a taxi parked right outside the Charlie Sheen Institute so he focused hard on the car. on the roof of the taxi Franklyns face appears and winks as someone got into the back seat and the taxi drove away.


Gil: (Thinking) bye franklyn! haha.

Franklyn: see ya later Gil! haha


as GIl watched the taxi drive away from the building Franklyn chimed in…


Franklyn: hey Gil?

Gil: yeah?

Franklyn: i know you had a rough day but youre never going to guess who is in the taxi…margarine. and she is talking about Todd.

Gil: what is she doing here so late? should should have left hours ago. lets have a listen then.


Gil closed his eyes and he was instantly seeing and hearing what franklyn could. the buildings passing by as the taxis speed increased. it gave Gil a little adrenaline rush.


margarine was talking with the taxi driver. he listened as margarine told the taxi driver about the the Ulixēs incident and what happened to her husband. but what she said next was totally new…


Driver: So you came to visit your husband?

Margarine: Yes. He is in a bad state. He makes no sound, doesnt acknowledge anyone even me but he is technically alive.

Driver: like in a coma?

Margarine: thats what i said but the doctors said its nothing theyve never seen before.

Driver: my apologies ma’am.

Margarine: thank you. the worst part is the man who did this to him was also affected and is being held there as well. I hate him for what he has done to my Todd.


the conversation continued but Gil was too deep in thought to pay attention. Todd? Here? Since when? Franklyn could sense Gils confusion and tried to talk Gil back to reality…yeah, reality but Gil was too far in his own head. Gil remembered his best friend, they had known each other since they were kids. the trouble the two of them got into growing up. all the work they did together as adults. then he remembered the Ulixés and he started to convulse. as franklyn was calling out for Gil his voice drifted further and further away until Gils vision went black.

To be continued…

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  1. I loved this one very much! The way it furthered his powers, add more to all characters, and a mystery on the extense of his powers along with adding to the overall story…. Made me have that feeling of “what happens next!”

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