Psybin Pt 8 “These damn crazy people, always talking to themselves”

Gil finds an easel in the back of the room, away from everyone else.


Franklyn: Ah, feeling artsy are we?

Gil: I am an engineer Franklyn, a scientist, what has happened to me…to us, has me vexed.

Franklyn: Ok, so lets break out the ol’ scientific method.

Gil: Not so formal, I just want…wait, scientific method?

Franklyn: What? When you’re on heavy doses of medication you aren’t the best with intelligent conversation so I take that time to dive in and learn more about you and the universe around us.

Gil: That makes sense. Ok, from what I can gather I have some control over…you? I don’t know any other way to say it. Not your personality but where you appear at least. So let us play around and see what we find.


Gil starts to throw some paint on the canvas. Just some rudimentary geometric shapes; solid circles, squares and triangles. Gil then begins to stare, intently, at the painting trying to imagine Franklyn as one of the shapes. It looks as though franklyn is one of the geometric shapes in the painting but…different.


Franklyn: Hey hey! I’m a circle.

Gil: Yes I can see that.

Franklyn: No, I AM A CIRCLE.


Just then one of the circles on the canvas starts to hover around the front of the painting.


Franklyn: Before when we tried this you imagined my face somewhere, this time though you imagined me as one of the objects.


Gil’s jaw drops.


Gil: Wow…I don’t even…just…wow…


Gil then begins to think hard again. All of the shapes on the canvas now dawn Franklyns face, all speaking at once to him:


Franklyn: This is so cool Gil!


Instructor: Is everything ok over there Gilbert?

Gil: Y…yes sir, everything is fine.


As Gil talked to the instructor, without thinking Franklyns face appeared on the clock behind the instructors head.


Gil: I just got excited, that’s all.


The instructor turned away, Gil thought Franklyn was going to be seen so he nearly shits himself, but as the instructor turns away Gil hears him say, “These damn crazy people, always talking to themselves.”


Gil gives a sigh of relief, then remembers he and Franklyn share a telepathic link…


Gil: That was close man. I thought he was going to see you.

Franklyn: So wait, he could hear me? That is weird.

Gil: I think it depends on how you appear. If it is just your face, you are, like my own personal invisible security system but if you ARE the object then you are visible.


To be continued…

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