Psybin Pt 7 “…everyone in here is busy talking to their lunch as well…”

After Margarine left the visitor room, Gil feeling heavy with guilt…too heavy to get up. He stays at the table for the next couple hours, deep in thought.

After a long period of deep self reflection Gil is starting to feel a little better. Which is a good thing because it was almost lunch time.

Gil walks back out to the courtyard garden, hoping to relive the excitement he felt before Margarine showed up. Which ended up being fruitless because he couldn’t stop feeling guilty for what happened to Todd.

Seeing as how it was lunch time Gil walked back to the medicine dispenser to get his midday medication. Maybe seeing Franklyn would bring him out of his slump. That thought made him hesitate to swallow his medication. “What am I thinking? I must be crazy.”

Sitting down to his lunch, which wasn’t too bad of a spread…for a mental institution, he stared off in a daze when all of a sudden he heard Franklyn.

Franklyn: Hey Gil.
Gil: Not you usual enthusiasm Franklyn.
Franklyn: I can feel you’re going through a lot right now and I know I annoy you…

Gil smiles down at his peas.

Gil: You know? I am glad you’re here Franklyn.

Without a word the peas just smile right back at Gil.

Gil: Wow, you’re actually speechless? {Gill chuckles}
Franklyn: I like that you aren’t as embarrassed to talk to me anymore.
Gil: Considering mostly everyone in here is busy talking to their lunch as well, I figured what the hell.
Franklyn: Coming around but you’re still an ornery turd.

While the two of them enjoyed lunch and each others company Sam sulked up to the table Gil was sitting at. Speaking in a hushed tone of voice:

Sam: H…h…hey there Goober.
Gil: Actually it’s…
Sam: So, so…the voices I am hearing in the walls isn’t a security system.
Gil: No? Whatever could it be I wonder?
Sam: Something even more diabolical, Glover.

Just then Janice was making her rounds in the cafeteria, being a wonderful host, she came by Gil’s table. Gil tried to stay interested in what Sam was saying but he didn’t try that hard.

Gil: Yeah, hold on Sam. Hi Janice.
Sam: B…but…
Janice: Well hello Gilbert. Hello Sam.
Gil and Sam together: Hello.
Janice: How are you today?

Janice asked both Gil and Sam but Sam decided to walk away, which was ok with Gil.

Gil: Considering what happened this morning, I am doing quite well at the moment.
Janice: That is wonderful Gilbert. I’m glad you’re warming up to the place. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask me, ok?
Gil: Actually there is one thing, is the news on anywhere in here? I’m feeling a little disconnected from the world right now. {Gil chuckles}

Janice looks around for a second.

Janice: We do have one television with access to the news. We don’t let most people in because there is a lot of bad things that happen in the world and it will stress some of our…less stable patients out. I have to talk to your doctor and see what he says.
Gil: That is all I could ask for, thank you Janice.

With a wink Janice moves towards another group of patients at another table.

Franklyn, or the peas, look up at Gil with a contemplative look.

Franklyn: Hmm…
Gil: What are you “hmm”ing about?
Franklyn: Every time she comes around you…
Gil: Don’t over think it man. Just drop it.

As Gil is about to take his last bite of peas, the bite with Franklyn’s smiling face.

Gil: Come on, I have another idea we should try out.

Gil gets up out of his chair and heads out of the cafeteria and towards the arts and crafts room.

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