Psybin Pt 5 “Ignorance truly is bliss isn’t it?”

The sound of the morning hubbub that woke Gil from sleep was foreign to him. He is still coming to grips with his situation. The man in the bed next to Gil’s walks over…

???: H…h…hey there newbie, better wake up. Shhh be quiet, we can’t talk here. Remember they’re always listening in. Ju…just don’t make any waves.
Gil: Yeah? How do you know they’re listening?
???: Shh not so loud. I can hear them talking in the walls…now I know what you’re thinking. I’m crazy right?
Gil: I wouldn’t have put it so delicately.
???: No…no no…no no no. Think what you want newbie. They must have put a new security system in, I’m beginning to hear someone talking in the walls.
Gil: Yeah thats it, a new security system.
???: Stick with me newbie, I’ll show you how to survive here. I’m Sam.
Gil: I’m Gilbert or Gil whichever.
Sam: You’ll be alright Goober.
Gil: Yeah my name is…

Sam is already making his way towards the hallway. Gil puts his slippers on and eventually makes his way to the medication station. Takes what the nurse gives him, he has no idea what it is. Then makes his way to the outside commons to get some fresh air. He sits on a bench out around the garden area, staring at all the luscious fruit and vegetables deep in thought. Moving his stare over the cucumber patch he catches a glimpse of Franklyn.

Gil: Good morning Franklyn.
Franklyn: Wow, embracing the crazy are we?
Gil: When in Rome and such right?
Franklyn: …We aren’t in Rome though.
Gil: It’s a figure of speech. Nevermind. So where do you go when I’m…sober?
Franklyn: That is a good question and I don’t have the answer. It’s strange, it doesn’t feel like I go anywhere. Feelings are something I’m getting used to but it’s almost as if I’m…nevermind. I don’t know what happens so we will just leave it at that.
Gil: Sure, who am I to argue.
Franklyn: Anyways, I couldn’t wait for today. I was thinking we could try a few more experiments. What happened last night was exciting.
Gil: Why not? It’s not like I have anything planned for the today.
Franklyn: Well we figured out you can project my face anywhere you want. I am intrigued that you could see things from my perspective.
Gil: It was intense. My feet even got tingly, I have a thing about heights.
Franklyn: Ok, that is what that feeling was. Like I said, I am learning about all of this as we go along as well.
Gil: My turn now, I want to pick the next experiment. You see up in that window?

Gil points up at a window on the other side of the courtyard.
Gil thinks to himself, “Why am I pointing to the window?” Gil puts his hand down real quick. He looks to his left side, then his right side thinking “I hope no one saw me.”

Franklyn: You know I wouldn’t worry too much about other people seeing you.
Gil: Thats right, you can hear my thoughts. I don’t think I will ever get used to that. Anyways, I realize that I am in a nut house but I am not crazy. I have no idea what you are, or if you are real but seeing as how I can’t change it I have to go with it…for now.
Franklyn: I like your positive attitude Gilbert.
Gil: Yeah yeah, so you know what window I’m talking about then. I saw a couple people walking around in there a few minutes ago…

Gil turns to the window and concentrates on the only wall he could see in the room. Franklyn appears once again and starts laughing, Gil thought it was infectious because he started laughing as well. Gil saw what looked like a group therapy session, a room full of patients sitting in a circle. One of them was Sam telling the Doctor sitting how scared he was of the voices in the wall. He said they were very angry. As the Doctor began to try and tell Sam it was all in his head Gil hears a soft voice calling his name coming closer.

Janice: Gilbert you have a visitor this morning.
Gil: I do? Who is it?
Janice: She said her name is Margarine, wife of your friend Todd Moore.
Gil: Todd Moore!

Out of shock Gil begins to sober up. Gil hears Franklyn trail off, “I’ll leave this one to you Gilbert.”

Janice: Please come this way, she said she really wishes to speak with you.

Janice brought Gil to the visitor area. Other patients were visiting with their friends and family. She leads Gil to a table where Margarine sat solemn. Gil sits across a table from Margarine.

Margarine: Hello Gilbert.
Gil: Margarine, what happened?
Margarine: (Angrily) What happened?! You Gilbert! You happened!
Gil: What are you talking about?
Margarine: Let me guess you don’t remember? That must be nice, not having to take responsibility for what you did.
Gil: Todd is my best friend, I would never do anything to hurt him or you and Elijah.
Margarine: Ignorance truly is bliss isn’t it? Well I will tell you what happened, maybe you’ll remember.

To be continued…

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