Psybin Pt 13 “I am having a splendid morning”

Gil finally woke up on the right side of the bed.  There was nothing that could ruin his mood this day.

Gil went about his day saying hi to anyone that was able to look him in the eyes…which wasnt very many people in this place.  He received his medication with a smile and went to breakfast hoping Janice would come around again.

He finished his food and by the time Franklyn showed up he had given up hope on seeing Janice today.

Franklyn: Gilbert and Janice sitting in a tree…

The look that appeared on Gils face could have turned milk.

Franklyn: Ignore me

Gil laughed.

Gil: If only i could!

After breakfast Gil walked out to the courtyard. Franklyn knew what Gil had planned, and before Franklyn could say anything…


Gil: I really want to see Todd. I can get in and out unseen.


Despite Gils quick words Franklyn said nothing. Gil walked around the corner going towards the garden, which was usually empty apart from a former fortune 500 ceo that now made residence at The Charlie Sheen Institute. His name was Woodrow Pomeroy. Everyone here knew about him, he made sure you knew who he was. He was a typical pompous rich guy that cared more about money than making friends or starting a family. When schizophrenia settled in he had no one to take care of him so he moved in here. He seemed to have easily made a friend in Gilbert though.

Pomeroy: Gilbert, my lad! How are you this fine morning?

Gil: If im being honest Woodrow I am having a splendid morning.

Pomeroy: So what brings you over to my little corner of the estate?


Gil: There isnt much better than spending a beautiful morning in a beautiful garden.

Pomeroy: I couldnt have said it better myself. Since youre here though may I ask a favor of you?

Gil: Anything

Pomeroy: I have to go and use the lavatory, could you keep an eye on my garden while im gone?

Gil: Absolutely.


As soon as Woodrow was out of sight Gil walked over towards the front of the building. This was the side of the building complex that housed the Medical Bay in the basement. He knelt down in front of the big vent that helped circulate air in the lower level of the old building. Gil performed his smoke trick and made his way inside and slipped into Todds room cautiously.

He hated to see his best friend in this condition. 

After taking a few minutes in silence to collect himself he began to talk to Todd as if he were responsive. Again he pleaded for forgiveness from his esteemed colleague. He told Todd that he made a new friend named Franklyn and that he was falling in love with Janice Kelly. He was trying to make it feel like old times when they would sit together and talk about the women in their lives, politics and the world. He wanted to feel nostalgia from a time in his past he may never get to experience again.

It didnt feel like Gil was in Todds room for very long before he caught multiple voices and footsteps coming from down the hall. He said good bye to his friend and said he would come back and visit as often as he could manage. Gil quickly poofed and rose into the vents. Gil made it in time, the doctor walked in right after his disappearing trick. As Gil was on his way back up to the garden he overheard the doctor tell the nurse…

Doctor: Nurse, i need to make sure someone is in here more often to check on Mr. Vanderbilt’s condition. Look at this, for all intents and purposes Mr. Vanderbilt is dead but look at this brain activity. There is something going on inside of his head and if there is a chance to pull him out of this then we need to.

Nurse: Yes doctor.

Gil didnt want Pomeroy to find the garden unattended so he left with a quickness. On his way up he thought about what the doctor had said, could Todd be coming out of his coma? He felt a new sense of hope with that and held on to it.

Pomeroy came around the corner from his restroom break and found Gil sitting on a concrete bench with his face upturned towards the sun. He looked content, like he was where he belonged.

Pomeroy: I knew i could count on you Gilbert, thank you. I dont want these other idiots to come in here while im not here and mess up everything i have worked for.

Gil: I understand Woodrow and it was my pleasure.

Gil felt as though he was getting the hang of life once again. The only thing he truly wanted now was to get the attention of Janice Kelly. “That will be tomorrows mission!”, Gil thought to himself and he went inside to catch movie night and to plan how he was going to catch Janices eye.

To be continued…

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