Psybin Pt 12 “Why do I look like I eat a bowls of steroids for breakfast?”

Gil did not actually think his idea was going to work so when he opened his eyes his excitement verbalized itself as a very loud, “Woohoo!”.

Franklyn:  Curiouser and curiouser.

Gil: Did you see that Franklyn?! That was incredible!

Gil: You realize that this opens up infinite possibilities for us? Franklyn, we can literally do ANYTHING!

Franklyn: Yes but lets not stand in front of the building we just broke out of.

Gil quickly ran into the shadow filled alley.

Franklyn: Just remember Gil that youre only capable of these things when you have had your meds. What happens when it starts to wear off and you get stuck somewhere?

Gil: I understand Franklyn thank you for your concern.

Franklyn: So what do you want to do with a few hours of freedom?

Gil smiled big.

Gil: What couldnt we do?!

While Gil sat pondering the endless possibilities something pressed up against his back and a voice came up from behind him…

Unknown Voice: Alright fella’, nice and easy lets have everything in your pockets.

Gil was genuinely scared and didnt know what to do. His body began to pulse , his body felt tight. An intense burning sensation crept all through his body. Gil felt like he was going to burst from the inside out. He cried out and fell to his knees. The owner of the unknown voice was getting frustrated at this point…

Unknown Voice: Come on guy, last chance, dont make this harder than it needs to be.

And then an overwhelming calm came over Gil. After another few seconds he slowly stood up. He turned around to face the voice…

Unknown Voice: Holy shit! Hey man, im sorry. No hard feelings alright?

And without anything further the burglar turned around and ran away.

Gil was extremely confused at this point. What just happened? He stepped out of the alley hoping to get some “fresher” air. His reflection in the window of a parked car revealed it all to him.

Gil: Franklyn! What is this? Why do i look like i eat a bowls of steroids for breakfast?

Franklyn: Natural preservation Gilbert.

As the gravity of the situation hit Gil he felt his body start to relax again. He began to shrink back to normal size.

Franklyn: When you felt your life was in danger your instincts kicked in.

Gil took a minute to let it all sink in.

Franklyn: Its time to get back home Gil. We dont have much time left before your carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

Too tired to question Franklyn about his choice of reference he walked back into the alley and prepared himself for the trip back. He performed his smoke transformation and ascended back up to his room in The Charlie Sheen Institute.

Back in his bed he was laying down going over what had just happened. Gil didnt know how he was going to get any sleep after tonights excitement.

Gil: Hey Franklyn?

Franklyn: Yeah?

Gil: Thank you. I know i wasnt very nice to you in the beginning and i do apologize for that.

Franklyn: Youre very welcome Gil.

Gil: I wouldnt want to share this journey with anyone else.

To be continued…

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