Psybin Pt 11 “I got an idea last night while you were driving Ms. Daisy”

being in the basement Gil had no idea what time of day it was.  when he began walking up the stairs to the main floor he was almost blinded by the midday sun. he made it just in time for lunch, so he headed towards the medication station before going to get food.


after lunch Gil was in the recreation center with tables and chairs spread around so people could play cards and board games.


when Gil heard from Franklyn he was intently watching the security gate, specifically the keypad.

with a chuckel Franklyn said…

Franklyn: You just couldnt live without me.

Franklyn wasnt projected to so all conversation was done in Gils head, which he was now accustomed to.

Gil: Hey Franklyn, im going to  project you on to the security gate keypad over there so we can get the code.

Franklyn: You want to escape?

Gil: No, that would be very difficult to escape unnoticed. plus i am only now beginning to feel somewhat normal. i am content here for the moment.

in that instant Franklyn became the keypad and felt every button press.

Franklyn: so if we are not escaping why am i getting the security gate code?

Gil: just to make sure what we figured out last night wasnt just a fluke. and…

Gil closed his eyes and concentrated as hard as his medicated mind could muster. he felt this before, when Franklyn was Margarine’s cab.

Franklyn: and?

Gil: we have learned a lot about each other Franklyn but i cant shake this feeling that we are only scratching the surface.

Franklyn: Well i hope it doesnt end up with you on the floor again.

later on after dinner and night time medications were given, everyone was laying comfortably in their beds. the guards had just checked on his room and sam was fast asleep. time to experiment

Franklyn was just now coming through the ethereal in Gils mind. he had a big plan to share with his friend so talking in his head…of course

Gil: Hello Franklyn. Now that youre here i got an idea. Going through the front door will be impossible so i have to find another way. Last night while you were driving ms daisy and today at the security gate i got this strange sensation.

obviously Franklyn could see what Gil had on his mind…

Franklyn: …youre crazy

Gil: i am starting to agree with you…

Gil slid open his window and once again closed his eyes and concentrated as much as his exhausted brain could. he held his hand up to the window. Gil felt himself expanding like a puff of smoke. the breeze began to grab at his “smokey” fingers and slowly pull them out of the window. similar to spaghettification in a black hole the rest of his body followed out of the window on the breeze.

Franklyn was not sure what to make of what he was witnessing. he kept calling out to Gil to make sure he was ok but Gil was deep in concentration and couldnt hear Franklyn.

After what seemed like an instant Gil felt himself shrinking back to normal. When he opened his eyes he was outside staring up at his bedroom window from the street below…

To be continued…

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