Psybin Pt 10 “good, no one will ask what im doing”



all gil could hear was beeping monitors. it reminded him of when he first met Franklyn, it was almost nostalgic at this point. so much had happened in such a short amount of time. as Gil slowly regained consciousness he opened his eyes, hoping that he would be greeted by Franklyn again. wow, things really had changed.


unfortunately when Gil opened his eyes Franklyn was nowhere to be found. instead a nurse noticed him sit up through the window and rushed in.


Nurse: Mr. Goodspeed i am so glad youre ok. When the orderlies found you during their nightly patrol they rushed you here. Are you ok?

Gil: Yeah, im alright. my head hurts a little bit but im ok.

Nurse: maybe i can get you a little something for your pain. ill notify the doctor that youre awake.

Gil: that would be wonderful, thank you nurse.


the nurse smiled as she exited the room and closed the door behind her. Gil just laid in his bed contemplating the events of the previous evening. Todd is here? If he is as bad as Margarine says maybe hes here in the medical ward!


Gil got up and was admiring his ensemble as he scooted towards the door and exited his room. the nurses counter was empty, probably helping others at the moment, ”good, no one will ask what im doing”, he thought to himself.


the medical ward is in the basement of the Charlie Sheen facility. there arent many rooms but enough to house anyone needing medical attention during their stay here. it is setup like a big square bisected by a hallway running vertically through the middle.


Gil looked left and right, they both looked the same so he just turned right and started looking into the rooms as he passed them. he got the end of the hallway and had to turn left. Gil walked by more rooms and didnt recognize any of the occupants. at the end just before the walkway makes you turn another left he saw the door to the last room slowly open right in front of him. it was extremely dark inside and the only illumination was from the readouts on the machinery behind the curtain surrounding the bed.


curiosity got the best of Gil and he let himself into the quiet room. he heard the usual beeping of the heart monitor and the wheeze of the ventilator…someone was clearly in here. he pulled the curtain aside and there he was, Todd! Gil almost wept at the state of him. eyes closed, ventilator mask on, feeding tube down his throat. Gil felt guilty and started talking to Todd, telling him how sorry he was and begged for forgiveness. Todds head turned towards Gil and both of his eyes opened.


all of a sudden a voice from behind Gil calls out…


Voice: excuse me but youre not allowed to be in….oh, Mr. Goodspeed, what are you doing in here?


caught completely off guard he swung around to see that it was a nurse. he turned back to Todd but he was laying exactly how he had been when gil pulled the curtain aside. stumbling to find any excuse to not get in trouble gil blurted out…


Gil: I uh…was looking for you. I was wondering what the doctor said.

Nurse: Well the doctor and I came to your room with this pain medication…


the nurse handed Gil a small paper cup with water and another even smaller paper cup with a pill inside. Gil didnt even think twice anymore, he chased the pill with a swig of water.


Nurse: …but you werent there so we came searching. Why are you in Mr. Vanderbilt’s room?

Gil: I know this man. Hes my best friend. I had no idea he was here.

The doctor entered the room in time to hear GIls previous statement.


Doctor: I apologize Mr. Goodspeed but you are not family therefore we have no obligation to inform you of Mr. Vanderbilt.

Gil: i understand that, can you at least tell me if he is ok?

Doctor: considering his current coma like condition he is doing fine Mr. Goodspeed. You seem to be doing ok yourself, you may go back upstairs. ill get an orderly to escort you.

To be continued…

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