Psybin Pt 4 “Can we try an experiment?”

Cut to a couple frames of Gil standing in the judges quarters, listening to the judges decision concerning his mishap with the local authorities.

Judge: To the few that are here, we are keeping this as quiet as possible, there is enough to deal with already. Gilbert Goodspeed, given everything that happened to you in the vacuum and all of the testimonies received from your doctor and everyone else you’ve come into contact with since the Ulixés incident, I hereby find you not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Understandable and by no means am I belittling what your people achieved out there but I can not have someone running around town that is a threat to themselves and the general populace. Having said that I require you to spend some time in The Charlie Sheen Institute until you have better grip on yourself.

The gavel falls CRASH!

After having checked into The Charlie Sheen Institute and being showed his room Gil was introduced to a lovely young nurse named Janice Kelly

Janice: Good morning Mr. Goodspeed. My name is Janice Kelly, how are you feeling today?
Gil: Lets see, I went from introvert to astronaut to legally insane in a matter of days…I’d say I’m doing well.
Janice: Nice to see you have a sense of humor Mr. Goodspeed. [Smiles at Gil] Please let me give you a tour of The Charlie Sheen Institute. I’ll show you where the cafeteria is, where to get your medication and the outside and inside common areas.

Couple of frames of Janice showing Gil around the complex. Mainly him staring at her.

Gil wakes up from a dead sleep. The sound of someone screaming in their bunk is loud enough to hear outside.

As Gil tries to lay back down and go back to sleep he hears a much quieter noise…

Psst! Psst!
Gil: What?
Psst! Psst!

Gil grabs his pillow and flips it around to find franklyn smiling up at him.

Franklyn: Hey thanks, that was extremely uncomfortable.
Gil: Oh no!
Franklyn: Hey whoa whoa! Calm down man.
Gil: Seriously? The pillow I am using in the crazy house is talking to me and you want me to…well actually, if you look at it like that it doesn’t sound so weird.
Franklyn: There you go. Take a breath Gil, I know things haven’t exactly gone your way recently.
Gil: Ha! How would you know what I’m going through?
Franklyn: It isn’t the easiest to explain even to an engineer.
Gil: Please try.
Franklyn: Alright, lets see if I can put it into words you can comprehend.
Gil: Oh, using big boy words are we?

Ignoring Gils sarcastic remark Franklyn continues.

Franklyn: Well like I told you before, where i come from we have no use for names. That is because I am non corporeal. I come from a dimension of pure energy.
Gil: And now you come to me as pillows and steering wheels?
Franklyn: Let me finish sassy pants. You have to try and understand where I come from. There are no “things” as you would call them. I didn’t know what words were, I started learning them by swimming through mind. Shit, before I crossed paths with you I never knew what a “thing” was. Or a person, a body, a planet, animals, the sky, fruit…
Gil: Yeah yeah yeah I get where you’re going.
Franklyn: Ok, so I don’t pick what I come to you as. As far as I can discern I can only come to you visually if your mind is in the state it is in now.
Gil: What, fucked up? I know I need some anti-anxiety medication but because of you they think I’m crazy. Now they are fixing me all kinds of medicinal cocktails and I won’t lie I am enjoying it thoroughly.
Franklyn: Hmm.

Gil hears footsteps coming down the hallway towards the room. A night guard comes into the room…

Guard: Hey guys, you know when the lights go out it is time for bed.
Gil, trying to get Franklyn off of his mind, looks at the guard and notices Franklyns face on the chest of the guard. Gil almost gasps but quickly puts his hand over his mouth. The guard looks around the room for a minute and then turns around and walks back down the hallway.

Franklyn: Did you notice what you did?
Gil: Damn, just when I thought you were going to leave.
Franklyn: Nope, you’re stuck with me for a while. But did you notice what you did? You were thinking of me and poof!,you saw me on that guard.
Gil: And…
Franklyn: Can we try an experiment? Look through the window there and try to imagine my face on the side of the building on the other side of the street.

Gil gives Franklyn a confused look.

Franklyn: Please just try it.

Gil sighs and looks out the window behind his bed. Staring up at the skyscraper outside Gil imagines Franklyn’s face and that cheesy grin he is quickly becoming known for. All of a sudden a huge Franklyn face appears on the side of the building…

Franklyn: See! Wow I can see a lot from out here.
Gil: I must be really fucked up, it’s almost like I can see myself from where you are.
Franklyn: You can see what I see?

At that moment Franklyn’s face begins to fade away from the building…

Franklyn: You must be coming down. Get some sleep and I will see you tomorrow.

Franklyn’s face completely disappears. Gil lays back in bed, feeling sober, and reflects on what happened. Soon after falls to sleep.


To be continued…

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  1. HAHAHA! This was by far the best… the name of the institute, the developing of powers… I hope you include more experiments, that’s always some of the best parts in all hero movies….

    And I also loved this line:

    Gil: Lets see, I went from introvert to astronaut to legally insane in a matter of days…I’d say I’m doing well.

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