Psybin Pt 3 “I’m arguing with my steering wheel!”

Gil: So I should make one up for you? Sounds like an imaginary friend to me. And is that why you’ve showed up as a heart rate monitor and now my remote?
???: Your guess is as good as mine. This is all new to me too.
Gil: (On the phone) Yes hi, this is Gilbert Goodspeed. I was wondering if you had a little free time today. I think I really need to talk to you…Oh really?…Wow, well I’m on my way. Thank you. (To ???) So…Franklyn? Yeah, nice seeing you again. Always a pleasure, if you’ll excuse me I…
Franklyn: You don’t need to do that Gilbert.
Gil: How do you know what I’m going to do?
Franklyn: I don’t know, but I can hear your thoughts.
Gil: What?! How?!
Franklyn: I’m not sure, like I said this doesn’t happen everyday.

Gil starts to freak out.

Gil: Do you know why?! Because I’ve lost my marbles. I have to leave!

Gil walks out door. Starts car, and begins driving.

Gil: (To self) What the fuck is going on? Whats happening to me?

Gil notices his steering wheel has eyes and a mouth.

Gil: No! No! Go away!
Franklyn: Calm down man. You do realise your doctor is going to think you’re crazy, right?
Gil: I am crazy! Look at me, I’m arguing with my steering wheel!

Lost in thought, Gil forgets about his talking steering wheel.

[Drives through intersection as a truck runs a red light and T-bones Gil’s car.] [Gil wakes up as fire fighters are pulling him out of his car.] [They are trying to ask what happened, but Gil starts seeing Franklyn everywhere.]

Fire Fighter 1: Sir, are you ok?
Gil: Help me, please! He wont leave me alone!
Fire Fighter 1: The other driver?
Gil: Who? No, Franklyn. He’s been following me everywhere. He probably caused the accident. He was my steering wheel this time.
Fire Fighter 2: …Lets get him to the hospital.
Gil: That’s where I first saw him. Hes going to follow me there again.
Fire Fighter 2: It’s ok sir, no one will get you. You will be safe.
Gil: You don’t understand, he can read my thoughts. He’s going to know where I am. He’s probably listening to us right now.
Fire Fighter 1: You may be seriously injured, you need to go to the hospital.
Gil: You can’t make me!

Gil starts fighting everyone trying to help him. He starts throwing punches. A cop pulls out his taser and zaps Gil until he loses consciousness.


To be continued…

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