Psybin Pt 2 “Down here buttercup”

As Gilbert is waking up. Still groggy. Vision blurry. He hears a beeping noise. He looks around trying to recollect everything. He feels wires connected to his body…he is hooked up to a machine. [Looks to his right] [His vision begins to clear] [He notices he is in a hospital room. The machine is beeping. It has eyes and a mouth…and IT is making the beeping noise!]

???: Boop! Boop! Boop! (With a shit eating grin) Morning sunshine.

Gilbert stares in awe, not believing what he is seeing…

Gil: Who…what are you?
???: That’s…kind of a complicated, we will get to that. First of all, how are you feeling?
Gil: Well considering….apparently I’m feeling fantastic. I’m talking to a heart rate monitor, why wouldn’t I feel great?
???: Smart ass.

Room door opens…

Nurse: Mr. Goodspeed, you’re awake! I thought I heard a voice. Who were you talking to?
Gil: No one, I was…[Gil looks at the heart rate monitor, no longer has a face]…thinking out loud. Trying to remember everything.
Nurse: Oh, well I’m glad you’re awake. I’ll inform the doctor.
Gil: How long have I been asleep?
Nurse: Seventeen days now. We didn’t know of you would ever wake up.
Gil: Seventeen days? Wow…

Few minutes later…

Doctor: We have been contacted by the Earth Space Agency, they told us what happened to you out in the vacuum. We have run almost every test possible. I believe you lost consciousness due to high stress levels.
Gil: But I heard weird noises. Saw strange things. Are you sure I’m ok? What about an MRI or a Cat-scan.
Doctor: My professional opinion is yes, you’re absolutely fine. But if you’re still worried I can have the tests arranged.
Gil: Please?! I just want to be one hundred percent sure.
Doctor: Understandable. Alright, I’ll go get those set up.
Gil: Thanks doc.

[Gil gets released from hospital.] [Pulls into his driveway.] [Sits down to relax. Feeling overwhelmed he pops xanex and sits down to watch T.V.]

Grabs television remote, changes channel

???: Ug! Ug! Ug! Damn, are you done yet?

Gil looks around confused…is that the same voice from the hospital?

???: Down here buttercup. Yeah, hello.

Startled, Gil gives his remote a look of disbelief

Gil:…It’s you! From the hospital.
???: Well, I’m not from the hospital but i was there with you, yes.
Gil: (Thinking aloud) I left with a clean bill of health, why am I hallucinating?
???: Oh no I’m real.
Gil: Right…I’m sure all imaginary friends say that.
???: I mean it, I’m just as real as you are.
Gil: Uh huh. So who are you?
???: This will be difficult to believe but I’m being completely honest. I’m not from here…like this universe, here. Somehow you and I are able to bridge the gaps between dimensions.
Gil: …I’ve officially lost it haven’t I? Don’t bullshit me, I can handle it.
???: I promise, you’re completely sane.
Gil: And what am I supposed to call you?
???: My kind have no need for names.

Gil picks up phone, starts dialing…


To be continued…

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