Popped my pixel art cherry

Last Thursday I was listening to some chiptune albums and really got a good look at some of their covers. Most have pixel art, given the early 90’s  nostalgic feel of the music. Some really great stuff out there. So I wanted to try my hand at it. Now I only got a small amount of time on Thursday to even do anything so I did not get too far then.

It all started when a new player joined out Pathfinder group and was asking about certain races and classes. Of course we had to tell him how prejudice our group is to orcs because The King laid his big sha-lay-lay out and said, “No orcs in this land, I hate orcs!” and so it became decree.

Firstly, I have to apologize about how big the character is versus how big the entire image actually is. I am using a free in browser site to make this and they have it setup kind of weird and I do not know how to change the image dimensions.

The conversation about orcs lead me to this guy. I named him Hyrum and I think he’s cute as hell. While I was happy that I my first pixel art image was pretty decent. However, I wanted to make him a character instead of just a floating disembodied head. Given my limited time to work on him I had to wait until this morning to work on him more.

He has legs! Hehe, I love it. Now this can obviously be better but given it is my first attempt I think I did OK. I could work on him more but I want to work on landscapes and backgrounds some more before I do too much more character stuff. I may bring him back for something in the future though, who knows right!


He is blinking! You have to click on it to see it. First pixel art animation. Not much I know but hey, it’s a start.


Website used: http://makepixelart.com
I would like to know how to create an account so I can attach my creations to it. Also, I want to do it in a way that doesn’t require me to do it on my phone. I cannot do this on such a small screen because I get headaches. Which is why I don’t play very many mobile games to begin with.

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