Planets… AGAIN!?!?!

So it has been a while since I have tried making planets, but I got my hands on “Photoshop CS6 Extended”

This first one was an attempt with gradients, liquid effects, some glows, and all around a crappy attempt.



Then I googled a little, got the extended version which has a 3d mode similar to the sumopaint approach i use to do. So i did the same thing with a similar texture. The glow was a little overdone, but it still looked nice.



Next, I went online and googled various satalite images and ground textures, arranged them in an order and blended them together. THEN I did some overlay color, the same glows as the previous one but some extra care and shadows to make the glow look more realistic… aslo, moon.


The pictures are not perfect spheres, to correct this next time I will be making the photos in EXTREME RESOLUTIONS before shrinking it down to a manageable size.

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