Picture Wanted! TROLLLS!

I formally request a drawing be made of the following things.


The alien nick named “Troll” are a very magnetic species. They sense magnetism the way dogs smell, it is natural sense for them. I would like there to be some sort of external organ that can represent this. They grew up on a heavy gravity planet with wide set trees, they need to be shorter, thicker. Their eyes need to be either hammerhead sharkish, or alien movable. This was because they need to climb trees for safety and be able to see on both sides of the tree. Their hands have 12 fingers instead of 10, each had is equipped with 2 awesome thumb like fingers, this part was used to help with climbing. I dont care about their feet or legs, just know it is a heavy gravity planet.



This request is not as important. But if you want to draw any kind of trippy fat trees, or earth size trees that look full grown that are half the height. I want this planet to be purple instead of green. (plants leaves, things like that. I wish i knew more about chemistry to explain colors, but its animation, and i dont want to be limited on color usage. SPACE PHYSICS I WANT TO TRY SO HARD, but colors do not mater. (also how hard can colors be to switch around. YA KNOW?)

Also if you doodle funky weird living things, I can always add to this planet. SOOO any doodle creature can be easily modified into something came upon the planet. And if its not story important, then it doesn’t even have to make sense.


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