NGC 1365 Map – First Draft

I started off with a doodle at work, that i think looks more detailed, but only in a scribble in my brain sort of way. Lined paper and pen doesn’t look good when you take a photo and upload it. However I did do some math because regular light speed can be a huge hurdle when thinking about the distance of Trolls and certain communications. So, the MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT OF MY WORLD is C^2 (speed of light squared). Thats 90 billion kilometers a second, however I cant have that speed cause its too fast and you would be able to cross the entire galaxy in less than a year.  So size and mass will be a huge issue, FOR INSTANCE : Sending a small coke can satellite could travel at a third of this maximum while maintaining cohesion. Something the size of a space ship that can hold a crew of people, maybe 10% for stability. I don’t have the percentages ready yet, but thats what I am thinking.  However, when Cpt Rigel will have the gravity sphere (talked about in regards to ancient technology with the 4thies.) he will be able to travel at 100%.


I now want to have Rigel to crash land on a planet after being isolated in space for quite some time. This planet will also be an old outpost for the ancients, but the gravity sphere is inactive for a reason unknown and I want him to then wake this up using leftover technology. While trying to figure out how to use the sphere he pulls in a Troll in a ship so they can have an enemy mind sort of interaction before becoming good buddies which will eventually be apart of the the later part of the story. (this is all still background talk for Rigel, however for writing purposes, I really want to focus on the story of him crashing, surviving, trying to figure out alien technology, enemy mind with troll, friends, then the eventual escape.  Still a work in progress of course, but these are the ideas I am currently entertaining.

I will also be adding a nebula left over from a supernova that happened near the ancient territory, this happened 52 million years ago. The reason for this is because we saw a supernova in that spot in 2010 and the galaxy is 52 million light years away. This means that what I write is happening right now… silly Easter Egg I know.


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