New Menu for Each Artist!

Yeah, I called you an Artist! Feels good doesn’t it?  Well here is a new addition to the site that should also feel good.  I have added 4 categories, 1 for every user that submits information to the site.  Currently this can be found under the drop down menu of “Gallery” and I organized it based on the number of submissions. (except me, I am at the top. This is because I am the only one with permissions to do this and I am selfish)

I would eventually like to have a page, with all the artists listed with a little bit of a description.  But this idea will have to wait, and what I have now is a good start.  I feel the same way about Psybin and the Mute Minstrel.  I wish we could have another universe to add to, but my dreams will have to wait.


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