My “Daily Snoodle” for the weekend

Sorry about my absence over the weekend. i was at my grandmas for the weekend doing the family thing. i did do a few sketches and such though. i was playing with my wacom tablet. all of these were done with it:


teddy bear thing


^^ some weird looking teddy bear thing.  i started working on faces and i ended up with this face. then i decided he needed a wife beater…for when he’s out pimpin’. yes i am aware that my anatomy skills are not up to par haha. that is another big thing im trying to work on. i need more real life models to practice on.

madison sleeping 9-8-2013

^^ quick sketch! this was my daughter sleeping next to me.

lazy alicia 9-7-2013

^^ another quick sketch! this was my sister sitting on the chair across the living room from me.

entertainment center 9-7-2013

^^ my grandmas entertainment center from where i was sitting. i REALLY need to work on perspective haha.


baby layton 9-7-2013

^^ aaannnnddddd another quickie! this is my cousins son Layton. i added some devil horns and a tail.



^^ and here was my attempt at a Psybin logo. its pretty crappy haha. for some reason when i try to save this particular image as any other type of format it doesnt show up on wordpress. it had me very frustrated so i took a picture on my laptop screen and emailed it to myself…hence the shitty quality.

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