My backstory for my old DnD character.

DwarfShort blurb before the longer blurb(blerb?BLURRRB?) this was a backstory I got REALLY into writing a couple years back when I was playing DnD with some friends. It was honestly something I got REALLY motivated to do and just sat down and did it until it was done. I am sort of proud/ashamed of it because I enjoyed it but its REALLY nerdy. LIKE REALLY! The names are correct for the dwarven race, the gods are real gods from the DnD universe, as are the different references to cults etc. So it was like *smooch closed fingers like an italian* choice in terms of DnD. I have recently started playing again with some friends so I’m going to make a new one that is hopefully as motivated as this one, but we SHALL SEE!

*side note* ive tried to do this like fifteen times but the embed doesnt like to show, and im going to embed it cause linking it is stupid and gay.

** SIDE SIDE NOTE ** the DM for the new group is actually gay, and I made a few too many gay jokes before realizing he was actually gay. Ooops

In case it still hates me, Mobius Mertik2


  1. I forgot to comment on this, I really enjoyed the story. Well told, and makes me want to create a back story with Lloyd with our Bard and Halfling Rouge. We should all get together and be super nerds.

    • First of all, yes it was a good story. And that would be awesome! Being Super Nerd I mean haha, but writing the back story would be difficult for me. I would have to do lots of research to learn about the D&D universe because I don’t know anything and I would like it to be accurate.

  2. If you want to read about them Heres a Google Drive with PDFs of most if not all of the DnD material. If youre interested, read the player handbooks first and then branch off into the other ones like the PRIMAL POWER, or MONSTER MANUAL! A lot of it is rules on how you use those things but theres a lot of backstory too.

    If you guys ever do want to play DnD I’m down, I just cant do it sat night. Also I dont want to be DM, AAAAAND I call being a striker(dps) im always forced to be some support class, which isnt BAD, i just want to do the big ole damage now. OOOOOOOOOHHHH I remembered something cool, im going to find it and make a post about it cause its justohsocool.

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