Fresh and Old Updates


  1. A much needed update of removing the duplicate image on the posts have been fixed. The problem was that the previous script was all located in content.php but now content.php has 5 or 6 different ones. The one I changed was the content-single.php, I removed the line <?php mh_magazine_lite_featured_image(); ?> which use to just be mh_featured_image, so that was a little confusing, but HEY! its fixed now and that makes me happy 🙂
  2. We have taken an old name of OzzieIssacs and made it fresh (see fresh)


  1. We have updated the name of one of our users to FecalBrain… deal with it. *puts on sunglasses*
  2. I have added the favicon to the site, which is the same green orc face from FecalBrains pixel cherry popping.
  3. I have also removed the text of snoodle doodles from the top of the page, and added a modified old image.
  4. Went into style.css and changed the pixel size to .mh-site-logo { padding: 0px; overflow: hidden; } to fill it in and make it look nice.


  1. Do you like the new favicon and bookmark icon?
  2. Do you think the new logo should have the words snoodledoodle in it?
  3. Would it be cooler if I provided the dimensions needed, one of us do snoodle half the other do doodle half, and just see what comes out?
  4. Are you HAPPY?





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