Father and Sun

So it has been a while since I did anything with the planets.  We could always see my planets interacting with light, but you never saw where that light was coming from.  That is why I decided to attempt to do a local star.  THIS NEVER BEFORE DONE FEAT, IS A SNOODLE DOODLE EXCLUSIVE! …. tee hee.

PlanetandSunThis was little bit too much fun for a few reasons.  The first reason is I combined the usage of my 2 favorite online art websites of pixlr.com and sumo.fm and I will explain how in the following steps below.  The first thing is I loaded up pixlr and gave birth to the 2 dimensional landscape of this planet.

testmapDid a dark blue solid color as back ground, scribbled land, over scribbled darker land. Then added a layer below the land and scribbled lighter water.  With a sharpen tool that caused either odd fauna or lights from civilizations, and a tilt shift blur for no purpose, we are done with our landscape.  I am done with Pixlr for now, onto SumoPaint.


Click on filters at the top and select 3d filters and follow it up with sphere tool.  Once in sphere I located the light source at the very top, set scale of light distance to super close, and tweak how dark the shadows look.  After finding a good rotation with the look of the planet wand what angle I want to use, then I was done with the planet.  Now on to the STAR OF THE SHOW! … get it…. star…

I did this all in pixler, I did a black background, with a boring yellowish circle right down on the middle.  Duplicated the image, made the star clear on one filter, and made the space clear on the other.  The original goal was to scribble all over the surface to give it the texture I wanted without going over the borders, so the space was the top layer, not touching the center, then the goal was to put a layer on top of that and get the corona if you will.  I had problems with the corona, so I pushed the black space to the bottom layer, and the following image is what we got, I like it better than if I tried for it in the first place.

suntestI did have to clean it up a little.  But here is just a clean shot of the star.  Then I shrank the planet and put it where I wanted it to go.  And just to be silly, I also did something different.  I took a real photo, and added my own scribble to it.  So here is the alternative to the “Father and Sun” image.




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  1. yay! back to the planets! i know youre more at home here. 😉 i like that you used two different programs to do this. kind of like how inkers for comics might use digital ink for some lines and real ink and markers for other lines on an image. gives it a litte more depth i think, more complex.

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