Episode 4 : A New Theme

Get it! its because this is the 4th theme that snoodle doodles has gone through, therefore the Episode 4 starwars reference of A NEW HOPE was clever…DO YOU GET IT.

Some of the changes besides obvious looks.

YOU WILL HAVE TO SELECT A FEATURED IMAGE, this theme does not automatically select one for you… the upside to this is it wont ever be blank out of no where.

ADDING A DESCRIPTION ABOUT YOURSELF UNDER THE USERS SECTION will now have an “about the author” section at the bottom. This will do it automatically and will no longer have to worry about adding something to the bottom of all of your posts… still continue to set appropriate categories.

Any questions or design requests, post in the comments below.

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Some fat dude that doodles a lot and runs this site. http://snoodledoodles.com/category/drkhumor3/

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