Doodles from Work part 1

So here are some of the doodles from my work.


The only reason I am sharing this is because its square, looks good in the icon for the main page, and also… the fingers.  For some reason I like how that turned out, the rest is just a lame doodle in a paint time program.


This was just a doodle of a spaceship battle against a defenseless earth.

So these next 2 are the 2 doodles from work that I did while having a bad day.

Stress Doodle

I drew this earlier on, when I was extremely stressed out at work.  Sometimes that artsy emotion stuff works out.


This was a follow up, after the stress.  A drain on energy, but still properly shared with the above image.

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    • Mouse, at work…no tablet aloud. I did not expect you to be looking at this all right now, refresh page in case you have not seen all 4 images 😀

  1. yeah haha, im writing and checking on the site. i did see the other 2 when you had it in their own post. i really like the last 2…a lot. you should start using different guage lines when you draw. they will ad more depth.

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