Doodle Book – Random Doodles 01

I will just post these all, they are all just random doodles with no direction. Mostly abstract and stuff.





There are some minor things I thought of PicoPunk wise, but you wouldn’t know right away. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THEM!

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  1. First picture:a giant stone golem playing fetch with his pet dragon.

    Second picture:the fabled space elves that live in the vacuum of space with their spinal column trailing behind them. Side note:very accurate UFO and plasma stream jutting out of his head.

    Third picture:I see that dick with wings! You can’t hide it from me.

    Fourth picture:some kind of swiss cheese dimension. I’ve seen The Yellow Submarine…

    In all seriousness though I am so glad to see you doing doodles again. I had better step up my game!

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