Doodle Book – Humans and Stuff

This is the first chunk of images I made within my doodle book. I tried to do the human outline, I am not the best with it.  This is also going to be the most boring one, since its just me practicing. (EXCEPT THE LAST PICTURE, its not as bad)

fat human

Start of simple, with his hand out and some meat added to his body. I AM NOT GOOD! 🙂


Didn’t want to waste space and attempts so I just drew different limbs over the other, I kept them fairly separated in my head while I was practicing.  Also on a funny side note, you can tell the sun is looking directly at him, cause I drew those silly circle lines.


Flying kick, I think I gave him balls…


I kind of enjoyed this last one. He feels like if batman wanted to play a rouge while LARPing.

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