Declan and the Flower

Let me begin this story by informing you that Declan is a giant.  A somewhat autistic giant.  The only thing I know about Declan is that his “stomping grounds” use to be a beautiful area filled with flowers.  Stomping Grounds are quite literal for this story, he destroyed all of the flowers except for one.  He wasn’t thinking too much about it since the flowers would put off a chemical in the air that was blissful and somewhat addictive.  When his already brain dead reality cleared up a bit, he panicked.  For there was one flower left.  I wasn’t sure how to turn this into a creative writing post.  However it is still a creative idea, a “Verbal Doodle” if you will.  There are 2 additional things I want to mention in regards to this digital doodle.


These same rolling hills could be the ones In the Mute Minstrel.  The Orange flowing ones.  This could be a result from the weight of the Giant crushing the flowers into the grass and soil.  The same chemicals in the air (or a different chemical with in this special plant) could of either turned it orange, or caused some bacteria/fungus to evolve/adapt and have this as a consequence.  OR!!!! Since I shouldn’t worry too much about the details since this is supposed to be a free flowing fantasy world, it could be the “soul” of the flower, or whatever the fuck.

Finally, to sound like a pompous art fan/critic.  Notice how smooth the flower looks compared to the rest of the doodle.  The giant has a a blurry sort of edge that is quite extreme, while the hills are still a little fuzzy but not too bad.  What this creates is an illusion of focus… Make the image full screen and just focus on the flower, this will cause the entire background to appear that its at a distance due to your eyes being focused on the flower.  I did not do this on purpose, but I wish I did….shits dope.

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  1. lawl. i just noticed the focus illusion as i was reading you explaining it haha. dopest dope. and i like the idea of adding him into the minstrel story. the orange hills, good mix there. maybe in the distanc, and since (if youve read what i have down for the mute minstrel)the mute minstrel has been to the mountain multiple times in the past, maybe hes always been used to the hills being orange from the flowers. maybe knew their euphoric effect so he avoided it whenever possible, but recently declan went through his “stomping” escapade the orange is gone. being that things arent how they normally are the minstrel and his companion (the character modeled after you)feel the need to go investigate. i also like the details you added to this particular character/story…really liked them actually. keep playing with it, you have something here.

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