Dearest Readers, My Doodle Book

Dearest readers, I write to you this darkened night to share my inner soul with you. An inner soul that excretes its creative plasma through the remnants of a deceased tree entombing high quality graphite held in my hands and manipulated within space time by connecting with my nervous system to become one with my body and mind. This glorious symphony of myself leaves something behind for the universe, apart from me, disconnected, abandoned and alone… waiting for another soul to validate its existence within this reality we call “now”.

Anyhoo, I googled creative playlist to start this post, and the music just made me type that out… if you want me to describe that feeling read the above paragraph, for it applies to bits of data on this collective we call the “internet” … I am also not sober.

Apart of me now feels like I should just make this its own post, and not combine with any individual Snoodle… I know what I will do, this will introduce what may be to come. Doodles at work, within my doodle book. So I share with you the first drawing out of it. The first page you see when you open it.

I guess I will Doodle

The truth is I did not care very much about the first page because I wanted to draw on both sides, and it was too much pressure for being the stand alone doodle. So I start with lowering everyone’s expectations… and you know what… it worked.

Also side note, any doodle I draw that is sci-fi enough shall be located under my PicoPunk category along with further explanations.

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    • hahaha, the drawings were sober, and rarely stressed. The thoughts would of came sober, its more of a willingness to just type it out and not care… which is sort of what i need right now lol

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