Blooms and Shadows

BloomsAndShadowsNot much to say to this one. I have been wanting to make sure that I start adding more color, so that is what I did.  Started with a doodle of the vase, decided to add water, stems, and have some sort of odd stick flower.  Its like a bamboo stick, that grows grass at the end, with purple feathers.  The shadow I added is not perfect,  but its important to the image.  The brownish orange of the land should have more detail, which I tried to do, but everything I did just did not sit well.  So lets make it sound cool with a quote that I am pulling out of my ass.  “The Growth of Life, The Shadows of Death, Make the Rest of the World Seem Without Detail” -Anonymous Philosopher 1365 AD … see what I did there, now it seems like I did this shit on purpose.  Anyways, I just like to make sure there is a decent amount of written content whenever I put up an image.

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