Another Hero Approaches

I have decided to experiment more with some of the tools that are available to me.  Hopefully through the course of this site, we can see how I have improved.  This is to the perspective of another character also traveling to the same mountain that the Mute is making his journey towards.  Who is this man?  Is he trying catch the Mighty Minstrel?  Or is he just trying to be the first to the mountain while still thinking the Mute is just a myth.  “The Myth of the Mighty Mute Minstrel” …. The M4 if you will.  The only thing we know, is that there is something important at the top of this mountain.


Now when it comes to this picture, the main things I played around with were reflections and the cloud effect.  I am getting faster at working around and controlling SumoPaint, which is the web based photo shop program I have been using.  I will have to dedicate a specific post to SumoPaint another time.  But for this being my 3rd picture ever finishing with SumoPaint I can already see myself getting better compared to the first horrific pic I made on this site.  So not only will my posts be adding to our fantasy world, but a visual diary of progress…. (insert gay seal image here)

But as far this new hero, feel free to leave any comments on ideas of who this man can be….

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  1. I love the picture! You are definitely getting better. The only thing I could possibly think of to “nitpick” would be that the whole picture shares the same kind of dark mood. The sky, water and mountains are dark but the setting sun is…the opposite of dark? Hard to put into words, hopefully you get my meaning. But! Contrast in art is pretty big too. Just depends on what you’re trying to create. But I don’t know if you can maybe put some clouds in front of the sun…yeah, because as of now it looks like the clouds are behind the sun. Anywho! Haha. I don’t know who the othe guy could be. I was thinking about modeling the minstrel after myself. I was also throwing around an idea about writting a character modeled after you. Kind of like our D&D duo maybe. Good or bad guys, no preference. Maybe just chaotic good. Use like what we were going to do in D&D we can use each other abilities to swindle money out of people to get by…but still good guys? Sounds a little more human that way, no one is too righteous you know haha.

    • yeah that can definitely work! Maybe our stories can be later on, like the end of act 2… and the characters got separated and trying to meet up with him… or had to split up for the greater good… good character arcs would be to learn how to do things without each other…

      As far as the art in this photo.. i agree…however to get the clouds to look like they did, while still having the color of the sky, i had to make it transparent to the point where it appeared that way… i could of maybe doubled up on that…

      also…as weird as it sounds, i knew it could of looked like a sun… but it doesnt have to be 100% … a floating orb above the tribes in the floating islands… but yeah, i get your point… glad you liked my digital doodle.

      I was thinking about atempting to do something from your comic, i have to read it again though to see if anything comes to mind.

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