An awkward and far-too-personal introduction.



Yet somehow the only kind of introduction that would suit me. The sketch is intentionally unfinished. Part of the reason is because I wanted to stop drawing before I started berating myself for doing a terrible drawing. So, if it’s unfinished, it can’t be deemed terrible… or something. Obviously based on this sketch I am ‘working through some shit’. So if you see an overlaying theme with my stuff, that’s why.

Drawn with my bamboo drawing tablet and crushed pieces of my soul. (too far? too far.)


  1. Too far? It’s technically an explanation of an expression in the form of art… Even if it is an unfinished doodle. (This voice was brought to you with the tone and delivery of a college student who knows he is smarter than every one else after his first semester) …

    Tl;Dr – no its not too far, feel free to draw whatever you want and explain it however you please šŸ™‚

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