Aaaaannnnnnddddd a new Daily Snoodle

So I have been trying to draw (more than write lately) bodies in motion. Most are done digitally, although I still feel like there is no comparison when using a pencil and paper…it just feels good haha. Each of these is done in less than 5 minutes. Just getting basic shape. And remember: no models were hurt during any of my sessions…because i found them on google images! bwahaha

karate dude 9-10-2013


^^  this guy here was an asian with a sword (no you cant see it, working on bodies not swords) doing a kick. the bottom leg is curled up under his body which is hard as shit to do. ^^

dude dancer 9-10-2013


^^ this was a male dancer doing some homo looking pose but it was fun to draw soooo there! ^^

dude dancer 9-9-2013


^^ another dude (not the asian again, this guy was black…not sure why that matters haha) doing some sort of karate kick. the thing to right of him was a failed attempt at someone with a big sheet wrapped around them dancing…i know its total crap haha ^^

another lady dancer 9-10-2013


^^ yay for naked models right?! some lady doing the splits. i now see why people practice with nude models, it is much easier to follow the body. ^^

some dancer 9-10-2013


^^ some lady doing a WEIRD dance move…not sure but it looked fun! ^^

fat elephant thing


^^ and this little girl i drew a while back but i just now found the picture after losing it. shes cute right?!?! well i thought so.  :/    ^^

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  1. That elephant is definatley the cutest. I wish there was a pygmy version I could keep… Keep up the doodles, I want you to look at this years from now and realize how much better you have gotten.

  2. I like that youre going towards the way of drawing people/bodies. That is something I just never got the hang of, or became too frustrated to continue.

    I do get what you mean though by using a pencil, its just that much more feel

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