A New Look For Our Dumb Ass Site

Welcome to SnoodleDoodles!  In the past we had a different looking site where everything revolved around the Images more so than the story, however we since then added stories that had no images.  Psybin had 7 straight issues that spanned the year, with no other content being on the site, so we had to change around this dynamic.  Besides the occasional story this site had become inactive.  We all still doodled, and decided to come back and expand this site that involves anywhere from 2-4 people.  The first thing I noticed was somebody put down a bunch of Viagra advertisements hidden in the code in our site, so I fixed everything up on a security level, changed the colors, fixed logging in, made it look nicer, and created a more functioning site.  So if your here by accident, THEN WELCOME and I apologize in advance, for we are just 2-4 people who lack talent that still wanted to share.


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Some fat dude that doodles a lot and runs this site. http://snoodledoodles.com/category/drkhumor3/


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