A Glimpse of the Mute

So this was my first attempt at writing something with some visual detail.  What do you think? Do keep in mind, I have never been good at writing, and this was my first try.  I feel the words that I could use to improve upon this are within reach along with some practice.  My imagination has no problem, its the translation from neurons in one part of my brain, to another part, to my fingers, and into words.

After traveling for 6 days straight through rolling hills the Mute was not only exhausted, he was now annoyed by the orange sparkling fauna that covered the hills which he was originally awe struck by.  The wind would change dramatically due to the mountain range he could see miles away.  The only pleasant part was a ten minute window during dawn, that cause a humming tone that would resonate around the holes and small tunnels within the nearby mountains.  This would also make all the wildlife, mostly flying insect-like creatures respond, and if its dark enough outside these insects will light up with bio-luminescence.  This would also help the thought process on which ones to eat, the Mute noticed warm colors being better for nutrience, while the purple ones would actually make him tired and groggy. He needed to conserve his energy in order reach the town at the base of the mountain he was walking to.


The Green in the photo is the forest at the base of the mountain that the Mute has to cross before getting to the town before the top of the mountain.  And also this was one of my first attempts with the program, and I didn’t fully utilize layers, so this will be the only photo with those ugly white lines…unless we want to find a fantasy-ish reason as to why they are there.

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  1. off in the distance he could see the majestic krayton mountains capped with soft white snow. The vibrant green jungle at the base of the mountains was such a contrast to the tangerine plains that sat between him and the snowy peaks.

    …i did this because i got confused on where in the timeline of the mute story your piece was. but then i remembered after i wrote it haha. so do with what you wish.

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