9-24-2013 Snoodle!

Hello again, second time this week huh?! Anywho, I was playing with a few things last night and decided to post them. One is utter shitte but I have to post it even if I dont like it, those ARE the rules. Here we go!



^^ let me me just whip out my drawing folder real quick… this was supposed to be a planner for work but it has been used more for keeping my drawings in haha. i covered it in mustache duck tape, i know its fucking awesome!^^




^^ seriously, these are fucking amazing! i never knew pencils could work SO damn well haha. these were like 15-20 bucks but definitely worth the money. the lead doesnt break when you try to sharpen your pencil. they are everything you could wish for in a pencil and then some! ^^



^^ i might as well get the shitty one out of the way. i dont know what i was trying to do at first, a gun of some sort and then i decided to add a face. then i wanted to try my hand at “inking”…with a black marker haha. it went alright but then i got really adventerous and used colored markers and as you can see i am not good with color…or anything else for that matter haha. ^^




^^ this big guy here started out as a mindless doodle. i did a little experiment when i started out with a small doodle, had in my head what i wanted it to become then i turned the paper upside down and added another small doodle and my brain turned it into something else! i just went with it until i came up with him. it was actually kind of fun haha. ^^





^^ do you remember this one? im sure you do. from my “9-19-2013” post. anyways, i took it and added some stuffs to it, to practice a more “complete” picture rather than just a figure drawing. see the image below… vv





^^ see?! i put some clothes on her haha. ripped up of course because she was in some sort of battle…right?! and i added a large sword of some sort. i also thinned her legs out, they were disproportionately large before. i thought it looked kind of cool haha.^^

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