9-23-2013 Snoodle

So this is turning out to be more of a “Weekly” doodle haha. I get to it when I can, so there. I have been trying more heads (sort of, not really haha), I am absolutely terrible at them but I have to practice to get better. And yes, they are anime style heads. I watch anime often (everyday) and it seems to be the one thing that sticks in my head. I will eventually get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Hey, maybe one day I will draw some men instead of women….naahhhhhhhh! I am seeing that I now have the basic foundation for drawing female figures. I would like to start working on the things I am really bad with like hands and feet and heads. I need to haha, my pictures lack that to make them more “complete”. But I will still have to throw in some nude female drawings because I do like drawing them haha. Anywho, here we go!



^^ faces! i worked on two faces here haha. again with the anime style, yes. its easier than a regular face haha. if you havent noticed both faces are at the same angle, because i am lazy and didnt want to do a different angle haha. i will get there though. ^^





^^ not perfect but i REALLY liked this one. head is retarded looking so dont pay attention to it (but it is almost proportionate to the body! hehe)…oh and her left arm is a little off but who knows, she could have been in the middle of raising her arm for…something haha. not much else to say haha. ^^




^^ i liked the other one so much that i decided to “trace” it and put some clothes on her! bwahaha. some kind of modern victorian style dress. i truly do like the “gothic lolita” look, kind of hot so i tried my hand at it. meh, i didnt spend too much time on it to be honest. i could have and it may have looked halfway decent. it needs more ruffles and such. ^^




^^ the lines making up her boobs are definitely dark! they kind of stand out a bit huh? didnt mean to haha. it was a weird pose. and again the head is retarded. ^^

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