9-19-2013 Daily Snoodle

Hello hello! I am so sorry for my week or so of absence, life tends to get in the way.  :/  Anywho, I started something a little different. Although I do enjoy drawing naked ballet dancers I wanted to get more of an “animated” or “cartoon” type of drawing. I mean, I will be doing cartoon type of drawings for my stories (which I will get back to…one day). Ok, on to the crap!


^^ as you can see, this one didnt get finished. because i suck at anatomy this one was wrong from the beginning. i got frustrated with it and didnt bother to try and fix it. i was over it quite quickly haha. but i do post things i hate too soooooo yeah, i hate it. ^^


^^ no face! bwahahaha. i found a picture of all 490 something pokemon drawn as anime characters. this was the tentacool one. mine is awful. BUT! if you go here: http://mysticaldonkey1.deviantart.com/art/Tentacool-292499227, you will see a tentacool done by mysticaldonkey1 and it is quite good. like that link action? i knew you would.  😉   ^^


^^ meh. the picture i drew this from had these two ladies embracing each other but that was too much “hand” action for me. im not ready for that nonsense. so i split them apart and drew them individually.  ^^


^^ this one was laying down on some pillows or something like that. but when i added my version of the head it came out wrong. i dont know, the head almost seem proportionate to the body. the body is a little long for how small the head is. like i said, almost haha.  ^^


^^ i drew this one form my own imagination. not much to say about it. proportionately it looks ok…legs are a little large for the slender frame but its MY drawing and ill make it look however i want to!  ^^


^^ legs under her butt are terrible…i drew it like a picture taken from the bottom up. tried some foreshortening action there with her butt haha. and i failed miserably. her right “love handle” isnt…IN enough…if that makes sense.  ^^


^^ some picture i found of some skanky bimbo on a beach…i think i did ok on it haha.  ^^



^^ other than her fatter legs this one is my favorite of the ones im adding. i tried some face action there.  ^^

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    • God dammit, it wont let me post images on comments, or delete a comment. So my joke fucking sucked. I spent like 20 minutes getting perfect images, and before I knew it I was looking at hentai! Thanks wordpress……thanks a lot.

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