9-11-2013 Daily Snoodle

Hello to all! Another Daily Snoodle here. Once again I am working on nude models…because what could be better than looking at naked women and drawing them? Well, having sex with them would be better I imagine but I’m getting off topic here.  I am not really sure what to say for each of these so I will go over where I fucked up haha.

nude ballet 9-10-2013


^^ her face obviously! but other than that, her belly button is way off. and of course i am terrible at shading. other than that i am actually pleased with this one haha. brendon pointed out that it looks like her arm is all funky…thats because the picture has BOTH of her arms in it. the one to the left is holding her up against a wall and the right arm is pointed straight up. one thing i do remember from the little bit of schooling i took was, “draw what you see not what you think it should look like”. ^^

nude ballet 1 9-11-2013


^^ shading! but im not even mad, since im working on bodies and not shadowing. meh, it just doesnt look right haha. time! if i spent more time on them i could make them look better haha. ^^


nude ballet 2 9-11-2013


^^ now this particular picture is from a porn set i believe haha. it is very difficult to type in “nude ballet” in google images without feeling like i should take my pants off. i am pleased with this one as well though. more time would be nice but then again so would a resource based economy! ^^


nude ballet 3 9-11-2013


^^ her butt is off. looking at it (“just look at it!”) now i realized i did her butt cheeks wrongs. and the shitty shading makes her look like a zebra or some other striped animal…i hate this one haha. ^^

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