Test Planets

So I decided to spend just a few moments dicking around with sumopaint to see how well I could do planets for any future Sci-Fi stuff. Ive seen other pictures from sumopaint and was just blown away at how good these images can actually turn out with a free program. These are my 2 images I made in a very short time.


The featured image was used more to test out the 3D feature of a sphere. First I did a simple stock gradient, and turned into a sphere. After playing around with the lighting settings on the sphere, I decided to add a background star. Not much time was put into a star, just a quick doodle of a yellow sketchy circle followed by blur and brightness settings. After words I repeated this process with another stock gradient and the 3D sphere filter, same light settings, but smaller to be a moon.

This second photo I decided to customize the skin on the sphere. I spent hardly any time on this, 1 layer was basic blue with some random lighter doodles, followed by the wave filter. 2nd layer, was just the color green, kind of thrown around like a drunken toddler. Bump map both of them, merge, then turned into a sphere.

The Purpose of this, is to play around with the features and figure out how to do planets. I am excited to see how this can turn out if I actually invest some time in the skin of the sphere, and learn how to do a ring. Now I must walk the dogs and go to Bookmans, my commander needs me.

EDIT : Later today I came back and did another test planet that is much better for a quick doodle… this also did not take me much time.  The only other thing I need to figure out is how to make rings, a good looking crater, and a good backdrop.  Once that happens its time to get out my old dusty animation program and see if I can make a simple SCI-FI animation.  The following image was made using the same sort of green, but did an overlay brown to get a good blend into a different climate zone.  Attempted to create a layer of clouds but in return made it into a hazy fog.

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