3 Doodles and a Flaming Ass

These are all 3 simple quick doodles I did because I want to have content on here at least once every 2 weeks.  None of these are good to have their own single post…. but God Damnit, they should all have a home.

Vines of Light and Blood

This one is called “Vines of Light and Blood” because of the colors, and only the colors.  Sometimes I think I am better at naming these things then drawing them.  Using my 3 different styles of pen’s and textures, with different colors, and a cool little gradient in the back that gives a deep sea-ish look.

first bamboo

Literally, the first thing I drew with the tablet.  Scribbles and what may be a sombrero, mixed with a nice pencil sketch look is whats responsible for this pile of mess.  Or I could be all “Modern” about it, and say that it represented the chaos in my life, with hidden faces all around.  But you can get away with that shit so easy cause of our brain, just scribble like crazy and make sure you add a few loops and circular objects and tell people there are hidden faces.  In fact, THIS ARTICLE RIGHT HERE has some really good examples on why our brain does this.  I could of found a better one, but the title was so good, I had to go with it.


This reminds me of the doodles I once did on the back of homework and tests.  I think its a person slamming his head into a mountain, while a bird watches smoke come out of his ass.  That is all I have to say about this one.

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